ALG Defence ACT AR15 – AR10 laukaisukoneisto


About ALG Defense

ALG Defense® is a woman owned company that was founded by Amy Lynn Geissele in 2012. ALG Defense® manufactures and designs custom rails and triggers for both governmental and non-governmental customers. For military, law enforcement, and government customers, ALG Defense® will design and manufacture the rails and triggers to their requested specifications. As a sister company to Geissele Automatics®, the same manufacturing and engineering teams are utilized to deliver the most cost effective and highest quality products available.

ALG’s experience is resourced from all over the industry; everything from the everyday target shooter to providing equipment to various branches of the special forces as a registered defense contractor. ALG Defense® is focused on providing a superior customer service experience and product in one affordable package. All backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty.

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ALG Defence Advanced Combat Trigger - ALG ACT AR15 - AR10 laukaisukoneisto.

ALG Defence Advanced Combat Trigger on laadukas Mil-Spec -laukaisukoneisto AR15 -kivääriin.
Tavalliseen Mil-Spec -koneistoon verrattuna laukaisukynnys on paljon selkeämpi.
Silti laukaisukoneisto on yhtä luotettava kuin tavallinen Mil-Spec koneisto.
Liipaisimessa on Hardlube Nickel/Teflon -pinnoite, mikä tekee siitä liukkaamman.
Tämä keventää ja selkeyttää laukaisua.
Mukana kaksi iskuvasaran jousta, joista toisella laukaisuvastus on 6 lbs (n. 2,7kg) ja toisella 4,5 lbs (n. 2 kg).



Paino 0,2 kg (kilogramma)

ALG Defense


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